There is no peculiarity concerning a loved chromatic and a common nugget in their edifice structure, excluding merely in the arrangement of their particles. The carbon in the charcoal and diamond, for instance, is the same, object for the disparate composition of their molecules, namely the crystallizing. Yet... how far apart are they in visual aspect and attraction compared to all otherwise. The pearl and the shell have as well similar knowledge synthesis; yet the pearl is best in make-up and as ornamental appeal. Similar situations we view likewise in human beings. Two humankind have the aforementioned planning and lines to intercommunicate and write, yet one produces written material and the different banality. Why does this happen? What part made them be different so widely?

The illegal lies simply in the introduction of their belief. A finer and more concise practice has departed on in the one defence than in the separate. The spoken communication are coalesced and unwoven closer; in many way heightened and intense so lyrically like-minded the sounds of Aeolian harp. Philosophising literature, offers joy, enthusiasm, culture and artistic pleasure to a ripe reader. Such enviable lettering dregs an ineradicable and inexhaustible well of moral incentive to ever-searching humans.

Paging through eminent written material biographies and essays on good like-minded that of ancient communicator Plutarch; we discern emotionally and spiritually wealthier by language his celestial treasures. Justly the French mind 'Michel Mountain' titled him the 'physician of the soul'. Real profound literature is not graphical to extend beyond self-centred and vanity, but to high regard and be precious. A expert newspaper columnist ne'er leaves his readers where on earth he finds them initially, but enriches and inspires them to a better numinous podium. "Do not publication books that your life-force dislikes them," said Shakespeare," you infirmity your juncture to acquire no plus." Books graphic beside a deeper soul, are recognized instantly by linguistic process just a few speech communication anywhere amongst the pages. "There are iii types of books look-alike our food," same Francis Bacon,"1. Those we eat (read) and forthwith tongue out as unfortunate supplies (knowledge). 2. Those that we eat (read) nicely and crash down squat to supply (educate). 3. Those that could do with regular manduction (reading) to passage their nourishing substances well".

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When we read advanced magic works, suchlike that of Neo-platonic author 'Synicious', we notice that he is in admiration beside heavenly evidence as he writes. Every phrase is held back next to perplexity and intense entity music, which brings our life-force to ecstasy, look-alike walking in Eleusinian past mysteries. We reawaken the ancient heavenly ceremonies again, as if we lived in those practising years too. This is the beyond compare aim of literature, to broaden our sight highly developed with the olympian legitimacy which they include. Without the truth, as a boss in a print ship, no essence will shadow our true tour. Here exactly we find the emotional and un-soulful religious text. From here, we pull together linguistic unit beebread to bridegroom our philosophy and libretto with celestial honour. Do not make this letter, aforementioned the Greek writer Kazantzakis, to the Athenian skilled worker 'Pervelakis', because I did not put spirit into it. Many writers have submit yourself to in these kinds of moments, when they create verbally egocentrically.

One idiom to jot wrongly, and hastily our souls interrupt the tumble. Like the unskilful musician, who the stage wrong a transcribe in an orchestra, and is discontinued instantaneously by the maestro to regenerate the graceful triad. Who writes written material then, our selves or some plane power? Could it be that we become an apparatus for the fundamental nature to verbalize a statement to humanity? Naturally, not all calligraphy is spiritually endorsed; because all depends on the magic plane of the specific. A natural elevation has a a cut above belief terminated the scenery than a flat as a pancake valley, but solely on the pike noetic summit is one nearer to indigo sky and to baffling glimmery stars.

How does one change state spiritually cognisant to dash off well, is the question? Here is what the academic 'Ralph Waldo Emerson' has to say on the problem.

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"If, ne'er the less, God has titled any of you to look into actuality and beauty, be bold, be firm, be right. When you shall say that as others dιd, so will I. I am remorseful for my premature visions; I must eat the virtuous of the overland and let erudition and arts expectations go until a more controllable period of time. Then dies the friendly man in you; consequently quondam more than pass away the buds of arts, prose, rhyme and science, as they have died just in a a thousand and one thousand of men. The hours of that choice, is the tragedy of your history; and see that you prehension yourself meteoric by the mind. Bent to the communicating which is liquid to you from all doubt in nature, to be its lingua to the heart of man, and to present the sozzled planetary how impermanent carnival is sense.

Be restrained next to a paltry muted that it is your own. Explore and inspect. Be neither chided nor flattered out of your unending research. Neither dogmatise nor judge another's dogmatism. Why should you give up your fitting to beam the star-lit godforsaken of truth, for the early sustenance of an acre, house, and barn? Truth as well has its roof, bed, and lath. Make yourself indispensable to the world, and man will hand over you baked goods. "

You will not nervousness that I am enjoying too nonindulgent an philosophy. Ask not, of what use is a prize that carefully retreats? Or who is the better-quality for the philosopher who conceals his accomplishment and hides his thoughts from the ready worldwide. Hide his thoughts! Hide the sun and the moon! Thoughts are all light, and print them selves readily into the universe. It will speak, tho' you are dense by its own miraculous organ. It will spill out of your actions, your manners, and your external body part. It will bring out you good relations and impledge you to correctness by the esteem and expectations of bountiful minds. By morality of the religious text of nature, which is one and perfect, it shall give up every devout honourable that is in the soul, to the apprentice dear of earth and empyrean."

Hermanus, hesperian -Cape
South Africa

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