Can we larn existence lessons from fairy tales?

I reflect we can. We can acquire from any solid tale because a upright narrative is going on for society. Fairy tales are both of the oldest stories circa. Some have existed for hundreds of years, several for thousands! During that juncture a modus operandi of inspection occurs. Good, expressive tales are kept, second-rate ones born.

Let us bear the old European story of Melusina. Here is my popular version:

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The parable starts near the faerie Pressina. Pressina wedded a King on the prerequisite that he not call round her during her "laying-in". This is the incident only just before and after a female gives starting time. The King agreed and soon Pressina had three daughters, triplets. When the King was aware he forgot himself and went to see Pressina. Instantly, Pressina screamed and disappeared, taking the family beside her.

The children grew to be splendid teen women. When they were 15 one of them, Melusina, asked Pressina why they did not subsist with their begetter. After Pressina explained, Melusina was seized with emotion. She called her sisters and in top secret they deep-laid retaliation on their male parent. They robbed him of all his economic condition and enslaved him.

Then Melusina told her parent what they had finished. Pressina chastened them for their travels. Melusina was goddam that all Saturday she would turn a imaginary being. This curse word would hold out until she found a better half who would marry her below the status of never seeing her on Saturday. Melusina could not notify to him what happened to her or why.

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Melusina left-hand her mother afterwards and went to be a resident of in France. She became a gnome insect and subordinate the parkland in a circle a construction called the Fountain of the Fairies or the Fountain of Thirst.

One day a male aristocrat named Raymond came to the structure to potion. There he saw three women, one of whom was Melusina. He was affected by her appearance and her gratifying manners and presently they were in liking. He asked Melusina to hook up with him and she told him the weird condition: he must never see her on Saturday and he must never ask her why.

Raymond in agreement and they were wed. They lived with good cheer equally for frequent age. The merely blot person that all their family where on earth misshapen and disfigured. This occasioned Raymond whatsoever unhappiness but he never reasoned giving up his woman. Over occurrence his worship for her had with the sole purpose magnified.

One Saturday, spell Melusina was disguised away, Raymond's cousin-german came to pay him a call on. They talked and Raymond accidentally dropped a remark in the order of the freaky requirement of his nuptials. His relation taken over on this and insisted that Raymond brainwave out what Melusina was up to on Saturdays. He recommended that the profanity that haunted Raymond's brood is because Melusina was a demon, or the mistress or one elephant.

Raymond insolvent into his wife's room and found Melusina sitting in a tub. In the slot of staying power she had the long, lepidote tail of a imaginary being.

This was the end of their wedding ceremony. Some versions say that Melusina cry and jumped out the framing. Others that she berated her married man and even killed him. All concord that they ne'er saw all otherwise over again.

One newsworthy tine around this sketch is that Melusina repeats her mother's situation next to related results. They asked for trust and respect and were rewarded with hunch and trick. Is this category of article yet happening? Yes, conversely in contrasting forms of educational activity....

In every Latin American countries men do not permit their wives to have keys to their own houses. They do not holding their wives and are intimidated of what they may do in cloistered. These populace are not from diminutive towns far from society but modern city-dwellers. They are often educated and from all classes, loaded and broke. Sad to say, Raymond and Melusina are alive and well.

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