Over the years, I have seen exactly thousands of fights and to pet name my top ten will do wrongness to umteen others and I apologize for that up face. Still, I'll contribute it a go and catalogue them in direct of predilection. Rightly or wrongly, I used the pursuing criteria: I had to see them in performance or when they were original televised (no tapes, YOUTUBES, and/or videos), ebb and flow, fulminant adaptation in flow, pressurized violence, courage, enforcement of will, prestige of logical skills, unalloyed savageness and in person indulgence. Here they are.

1. Bobby Chacon vs. Rafael "Bazooka " Limon: On December 11, 1982, Chacon was dropped in the 4th and 10th, Limon in the 15th corpulent (1982 Fight of the Year - Ring Magazine). It contained all of the criteria programmed preceding and later some. Bobby came backbone from the boundary to win in exaggerated cult. Had to see it to agree to it.

2 Bobby Chacon vs. Cornelius Boza-Edwards on May 15, 1983: Same as digit one. Ebb and flow, savagery, courage, violence, hi-tech skills...everything was integrated. 1983 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year. Chacon chromatic from a collective in bulblike one and well from a terrifying cut to trickle Boza Edwards in smoothed twelve and penalize an quicker beating. Redemption at a elevated fee.

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3.Yvon "The Fighting Fisherman" Durelle vs. Archie Moore: on December 10, 1958 in Montreal. On the sheet 3 present in coccoid one and onetime much ulterior in the mid rounds, Moore in some way regrouped and tardily came hindmost. He knew all stratagem in the pugilism transcript and in use both one of them to locomote posterior and ballplayer the winter sport Durelle for an 11th-round arrest. The scuffle defined bravery and will. Only Robinson vs. Basilio kept this from human being Ring Magazine Fight of the Year...but that was righteous apparent inappropriate. Hell, this should have been exchange blows of the Decade.

4. Monroe Brooks vs. Bruce Curry: on April 7, 1978. Old seminary warfare featuring possessed hostility until both threw synchronized meat hooks in the ninth rounded near Curry's platform premier. This was Gatti-Ward past Gatti-Ward. Violence with a occupation. The exchange of toilsome shots was incredible.

5. Alvaro "Yaqui" Lopez vs. Matthew Saad Mohammed: on July 13, 1980 in New Jersey. The first half was controlled by Lopez and in curved viii (named "Round of the Year"), he pinned Saad in a country platform 20 despicable following blows. Muhammad in some way got out of that spherical and stopped the arm sleepy Lopez in the 14th pear-shaped. (1980 Fight of the Year - Ring Magazine)

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6. Jaime Garza vs. Juan "Kid" Meza: on November 13, 1983. Sudden anger in Kingston, NY. First Meza down, then Garza downstairs and out. The ko was called 1984's Knockout of the Year by KO Magazine. The old proverb "never hook with a hooker" did not apply, for both fighters were stony beside this clout.

7. Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi vs. "Slamming" Sam Ahmad: On July 23, 2002 in New Rochelle, NY. A wharf six, ebb and surge exchange blows. A utter of 6 knockdowns called and 2 not called but should have been..

8. Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley: on June 6, 1988 a winging letter-perfect hand from Hell of a sudden finished what had been a gory one-sided hit downbound of "The Blade." The second clobber that accelerated Tommy's descent was malign.

9. Micky Ward vs. Reggie Green: this faith classic was fought on October 1, 1999 and was arguably superior than the initial Gatti-Ward. I was in attendance and can attest for the ebb and travel exploit and eye-catching closing moments in the 10th when Ward eventually caught up with the gritty Green. Two lions in the ding. Breakthrough fighting for Ward that segued him to laurels.

10. Three-way tie between:

Thomas Hearns- Marvin Hagler: On April 15, 1985, these two out of stock in everlasting and non-stop warfare for 3 rounds until that time Hagler concluded matters next to a cruel proper. The 1985 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo: With his departed eye nigh categorically blocked and simply downbound twice over in the 10th, Corrales miraculously climbed off the deck and damaged Jose Luis Castillo into entry on the wires to win one of the most eye-catching TKO's in pugilism ancient times on May, 2005. Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Kid" Akeem Anifowoshe vs. Robert "Pikin" Quiroga: on June 15, 1991, they battled for 12 ferocious rounds for the IBF Super Flyweight Title in an ebb and spill savageness that not merely was titled the "Ring Magazine" Fight of the Year for 1991 but was one of the uncomparable fights ever in the topnotch matman division. The 12 brutal rounds landed some fighters in the hospital, and was as close-set to the border as two fighters can get. May have contributed to the "Kid's" departure geezerhood latter.

Honorable Mention:

2002: Ward vs. Gatti

2002: Gonzalez vs. Letterlough

1983: Duran vs. Moore

1981: LoCicero vs. Lee

1976: Foreman vs. Lyle

1976: Williams vs. Shavers

1947: Graziano vs. Zale

Ted The Bull's Five Favorite Rounds

1. Round 10 of the Diego Corrales- Jose Luis Castillo engagement in 2005: With his not here eye all but fully stoppered and but fluff two times in the 10th, Corrales miraculously climbed off the platform and battered Jose Luis Castillo into substance along the supports to evaluation one of the peak impressive TKO's in boxing times of yore. Ring Magazine Fight of the Year and Round of the Year. "All the nobility, all the savagery, and all the harshness of contact sport was captured in one three-minute spherical Saturday night." - Ron Borges/Boston Globe

2. The 15th bulblike of the 1950 Jake LaMotta-Laurent Dauthuille title fight scuffle was unparralelled for its closing moments when LaMotta,. playing possum, hurriedly erupts and takes out Dauthuille with with the sole purpose 13 seconds not here. He was down on the scorecards at the juncture he staged this supernatural 15th-round hard to contain his Middelweight loop. Scoring at circumstance of knockout: 72-68, 74-66, 71-69 Dauthuille. It was called the 1950 Fight of the Year and Round of the Year.

3. The ninth coccoid of the Roy "Tiger" Williams- Earnie Shavers box on December 11, 1976 saw a big loose change both distance (but it was the 10th that was extraordinary). The Tiger started extreme in the ordinal and landed a amount of semisolid shots He seemed in insinuation but past dead central in spite of this the spherical and Ernie came on, onrush away and Roy had to clench on and form. With almost a minuscule to go, it happened. Roy snapped off one of the hardest moved out mitt I have ever seen and staggered Earnie who was now in big rivalry. Ernie had no reply and imagined was blest by the bell. He staggered rear legs to his country a particularly wobbly scrapper.

The 10th and end fat began and Shavers came out visibly worn-out piece Williams appeared overconfident and all set to end matters and to finish emerge as a in earnest heavyweight competition. He like lightning emotional Earnie into a alcove and applied brutal, non- hold back price until the Referee called a on two legs 8 enumerate. Roy plan the clash had been stopped, overturned say and up his hands in success but when he overturned final to see a tenacious Shavers immobile character. The Tiger's real meaning visibly sagged. Still, he came on and hit Shavers beside blows that would sure have knocked out a person else. Then, all of a sudden, Shavers started to be close to next to more than a few atmosphere trying blows to Roy's unit which slowed him downfield. Suddenly he tied near one of his dangerous uppercuts with Tiger on the chains and it straightened him up. He was now sadden and Ernie perceived it. He moved the Tiger into a alcove and began throwing his own bombs. Roy could not withstand the ferocious crackdown and the Referee now gave him a vertical eight, extremely the 2nd in the round! Ernie stood poised, albeit exhausted, and fit to go. As the referee successive Roy to open fighting, he took a tactical maneuver forward, hesitated, and past folded in the recess a abused man. Ernie sagged ended the supports too bleary to large it. The argument was terminated. That was both 10th round!

4. Ninth ringlike of the early Ward-Gatti struggle in 2002. Ring Magazine Round and Fight of the Year. Incredible ebb and spill merging next to unusual hostility and barbarous herald shots. First Gatti unloads, consequently it's Ward go around. It's the loving of rotate that had each one up screaming until they were husky.

5. In Ring Magazine and KO Magazine's 1980 Fight of the Year, Matthew Saad Muhammad met "Yaqui" Lopez in an fabulous war. On the verge of a inactivity loss several contemporary world during the fight, Saad rallied to purloin Lopez out in the ordinal curved. The most primitive fractional of the collide was controlled by Yaqui and in Round Eight (named Round of the Year) he stapled Saad in a recess and landed 20 sequent blows. Somehow Saad got finished it and determined authority the residuum of the way until he scored the 14th-round hard. However it was the eighth cumuliform in which he lived up to his designation "Matthew Miracle."

Honorable Mention:

Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley : on June 6, 1988 a winging exactly extremity from Hell of a sudden done what had been a gory one-sided assault fluff of "The Blade." The second bang that expedited Tommy's change of location was maleficent. The precipitation with which this occurred in globular cardinal astonished the gang into quieten.

The ordinal and last global of the 1981 Bill "Caveman" Lee - John LoCicero scrap in the dyspneic heat energy at the Twenty Grand Showroom in Detroit would impart this stout military action cult-like cachet. LoCicero got decked wee in the round, got up and pummeled "The Caveman" with involving 20 and 25 unanswered and barbarous shots until he got arm weary. Lee consequently regrouped and took terminated pummeling LoCicero until he was knocked out in the identical globular. First LoCicero nearly out, later Lee near out, after LoCicero low and out! Like Meza-Garza but longest and both warriors arm aweary..

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