Have you ever absent finished the interview process, felt optimistic that you'd performed exceedingly well, and later detected these fearsome words: "I'm sorry, but we discern you're overqualified for this defences."


When I was told that after an interview, individual ideas went through with my frustration-fogged cognition... What mode of foolish vindication is that for not hiring me? So what if I'm 'overqualified' - don't employers always poorness to leasing the somebody near the optimal qualifications? If I'm consenting to cart this job, overqualified or not, why is that a problem? This isn't fair! What's the existing judgment they don't privation to letting me?

When interviewers say you are "overqualified," here's what they are concerned about:

(1) You'll be tired in this position;

(2) You won't be content near the pay they're offering;

(3) You'll be off as before long as you get a more opportunity;

(4) They'll have to go finished the protracted and costly manoeuvre of hiring and training somebody all over over again.

They may or may not form you get the impression better in the region of anyone "overqualified," but you must agree those are authorised concerns.

If you get the "overqualified" defense once, you'll be secretive going on for getting it once more. So if you employ for new jobs that may be at a subjugate horizontal than secured by your background, skills, nurture and experience, you may be tempted to "dumb down" your start again and cut out belongings like college degrees. But fraudulent in the region of your circumstance is not the way to go.

Here's a enhanced strategy: computer address it head-on. Be the primary one to bring to the fore the "overqualified" issue beside a forthcoming employer. If you distribute it up yourself, you can deal it explicitly and convert the asker that it
won't be a quirk.

They key - as beside all job interview part - is to judge and infuse. Before you go to the interview,think almost what you'll say and how you will sway them that they should leasing you, even if you are "overqualified."

After explaining how you will be a intense good worth for their company, archer them why you are applying for a lower-level post. Do not say, "I can't brainstorm thing else and I genuinely status a job." Though that may be the case, this come up to is a minor too true and will reinforce their dismay that you will leave
at the most primitive chance.

Say something like, "You can report that I've worked at a higher even before, but this job is in particular what I'm looking for." Then, depending on the job and your circumstances, recap why. For example:

* "I've ever desirable to occupation for your friendship [or in this industry], and I'm disposed to return a lower-level task to get that possibleness."

* "It will let me to use my skills and expand my suffer in a new field."

* "I'm superficial for something a elfin little stressful, beside a reduced amount of responsibilities, so I can pass much instance next to my kith and kin."

* "This posting provides the steadiness and semipermanent development upcoming I'm superficial for."

* "The salary is not my top high status. I'd have no dilemma near earning smaller amount than I've attained in the gone."

Be really fanatical astir the job. Explain how you can touch their wishes now and in the prospective as the firm grows. And supreme fundamental of all, convert them that you will not give up as immediately as something finer comes along.

If you are convinced that this job would be assessment it, you may possibly even try this: present to communicatory an agreement stating that you will wait on the job for a negligible of 12 months. Whether the hiring head in fact takes you up on that submit or not, it will emphatically kind a markedly useful impression!

If you expect the "overqualified" aspect and code it up front, it will not be a snare to your success!

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